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If you’re looking for respectful, balanced discussion where we learn from history’s lessons and build a better future, this newsletter is for you. Common Sense Society is a hub for ideas from people on both sides of the aisle who are championing individual liberty, voluntary exchange, free enterprise, creative innovation, enduring art, and conservation of the natural world. 

We can’t be bystanders to the development of our communities. We must be active participants in defining our future of sustainable freedom. Join us in exploring liberty, prosperity, and beauty—the ideas that change lives everywhere.


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CSS celebrates the best of our civilization’s social, political, and cultural inheritance. We are committed to learning history's lessons—not whitewashing them—so we can build a better future.


Christopher Bedford

Christopher Bedford is the executive editor at Common Sense Society, where he is responsible for CSS’s print and online publications.

Emily Soper

Christian. Texan. CSS press and comms. Heritage Action, FDD, and VOCMF alum. Korea watcher. NASCAR enthusiast.