Spot on. This is what luminaries such as Dr Brion McClanahan have been saying for years.

This is about tearing down an old America and the norms and aspirations attached to it to create a new founding mythos, one steeped in both libertine personal behaviour, and state control at the societal level. Those monuments threaten to remind old stock America and later immigrant families who aspired to emulate those same people that there was nothing to admire in old America. The South, in particular, for all of our problems represents the spirit of resistance to this, and was the 'lowest hanging fruit.'

This is about power. More for them, and none for you and I.

And if you aren't paying attention, the regime is going to have a field day with the 250th anniversary of American Independence in 2026. If anyone out there is reading this, be active in your community, in your church, learn about your ancestors, give rise to new tradition. Do NOT let these malcontents rob future generations of one more thing; take a stand.

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Great comment, and I hope anything that is controlled or led by those that care about this nation are planning on robust patriotic celebrations to be held over the year and culminating on 7/4/2026.

Towns, block parties, counties, regions, states, and hopefully a push from DC as well will occur - we are already discussing it in my area.

Perhaps some think tanks or Hillsdalesque places can put together plug-and-play events that can be easily integrated into any size community for celebration.

It's time to shine.

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Specific to this situation is an irony. Lee was, at least privately, opposed to both slavery and secession. On the other hand Sherman was a rabid racist although he relented somewhat in later life.

Grant (even when sober!) was at least ambivalent in his attitude towards African Americans.

More generally, as a UK citizen, I wonder what would become of our own heritage if this extreme wokist zealotry is to spread further. There have been a couple of incidents; the throwing of a slave owner statue into the harbour in Bristol and opposition to the Rhodes statue in Oxford. But what is to become of all the country houses, place names, portraits and statues which fill our public buildings?

Creating a year zero has been a hallmark of totalitarian revolutions as in France, Russia and Cambodia. The Meiji revolution in Japan designated 1872 as 'the year before which nothing happened'. Pity they forgot about Bushido!

Various polities have been annexing neighbours less economically and militarily advanced since at least the Bronze age. All the great nations in history have grown from very modest beginnings in population and territory, There have been many empires of widely varying size and duration throughout history. They all over-extend and collapse.

Democracy is a new and still incomplete project. Probably 90% of humanity have lived under some type of oppression and the majority of those in some form of bondage and servitude. In the 20th century Nazi Germany and Japan made huge use of slave and impressed labour as did the Soviets. Slave markets in Africa (such as Zanzibar in 1873) were closed down by the British Empire. Slavery was not legally abolished in Ethiopia until 1951. What happened to American Africans was terrible but by no means unique.

Someone needs to research and write a history of serfdom (including the various master and servant dispensations) to get all of this into a correct historical perspective.

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Exactly right. It's an honest question if you're more or less likely to be descended from slave-owners if you're white, given how globally widespread it was (and still is in Africa and Asia, in particular). It's less about past injustice, it seems, and more about current power. Year Zero, as you so perfectly put it.

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you can't change history by distroying the statutes with out distroying all the history books Thomas Jefferson had slaves but no one is raising a cry about that.

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If anyone writes "Hillsdale" with reference to the College, then they lost me. That place is a training ground for the American Taliban!

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