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I'm very sorry that I exist while not submitting to the value system imposed by you and other local elites. I'm a socialist and an atheist and, and simply due to the fact that I was born in Mississippi and grew up there, I will always be more authentically southern than some bougie New York transplant who apparently had a fantasy of coming to lord over idiot peasants who wouldn't question him and wouldn't ask for a higher wage. Does this cause you resent, that you will never be as authentic a southerner as some socialist and atheist? Well I don't care.

I fucking despise you people and those peasants you idealize do to, yes they don't say it to your face because you would punish them, but what do the bourgeoisie expect when they literally pay for inauthenticy? And then you whine endlessly that I have my opinions and refuse to you and your attempt to impose your religions personal law on me? You are pathetic. It's hilarious the kind of things you bourgeoisie parasites whine about while ruining our lives.

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